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IvyCap is a Fund Management Company which focuses on leveraging the Global Alumni Ecosystems to maximize returns for its Investors.


In our continuous efforts to be at the forefront of innovation and to offer best possible financial solutions to our investors, we have recently launched a Venture Debt Fund called IvyCap Credit Opportunities Fund-I. This Fund has been launched to address the gap in debt funding for young, new age, asset light companies with visibility of cash flow led by strong founding teams and backed by reputed Financial Sponsors. This segment is currently significantly underserved by the Indian Banking system. The Fund will leverage the entire eco system of IvyCap Ventures through its access to the global Alumni of the IITs and the IIMs.


  • Targeted Corpus of 500Cr
  • Invest in high growth businesses
  • Bespoke Product offering
  • Discounted warrants to next round of funding.
  • Monthly coupon (13% -17% per annum) payments
  • Pre-determined principal payback structure

IVCOF offers Investors an opportunity to invest in high yield products with shorter duration on their investments and want to capture some upside of fast growing companies. The Fund intends to provide its investors short-term liquidity by way of periodic coupon distributions on its investments, medium term liquidity by way of principal pay back and long-term returns by way of warrant monetization. In summary, potentially high returns, periodic coupons, shorter duration and with managed risks.

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An exceptional team of professionals whose experience range from a deep expertise in the debt and equity markets in India with a cumulative work experience of over 60 years will manage the Fund. Vikram Gupta and Ashish Wadhwani Managing Partners at IvyCap Ventures bring over 40 years of fund management, strategy and venture capital investing experience to provide a solid foundation to the senior management team.
Nishtha Soli serves as a Partner in the fund, driving the investment and execution strategy of the fund. Nishtha has 18 years of experience in Structured Debt, Venture Capital, M&A, Corporate Strategy across India, Europe and US. Nishtha has worked with institutions like GE Capital, DKW/Allianz and UBS.


  • An innovative product offering that focuses on providing LPs with periodic returns under shorter deal lifecycles thereby effectively returning capital to investors with consistent returns.
  • Differentiated deal flow through Alumni, mentor team and through bottom-up industry connects – over 50% of deals coming through the IIT / IIM alumni ecosystem.
  • Active execution, scale-up, exit support to investees through a 30+ team of highly experienced mentors.
  • Strong corporate governance with board representation from Financial Institutions, deans of IITs, distinguished IIT.
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