IvyCamp launches its Global Acceleration Program: US Chapter

IvyCamp together with leading US accelerators has  launched the US Chapter of an extensive Global Acceleration program, which is a fast, intensive, mentor-driven program with accelerators across the globe.  We invite early stage start-ups with a solution to an important customer problem, a targeted pitch and teams with strong domain expertise to apply for the unique initiative, which ensures:

  • Access to the right mentors, and industry experts to speed up product/company development
  • Introductions and meetings with potential investors/ VCs
  • Immediate access to the US market through client introductions
  • In-kind support from a range of companies/ service partners


  • Better entrepreneurs & higher-value ventures
  • Alignment of the needs of the start-ups with investor expectations
  • Preparedness for follow-on investment rounds
  • Faster venture growth

Important Features 

Focused program to facilitate product and business model development and training in key skills, such as sales, pitching, and management

  • 2-4 months

Equity investment

Investment by the US Accelerator and IvyCap Ventures

Possibility of Ivy Cap Venture’s participation in future rounds of investments in case of highly successful program graduates.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Team with 2 or more founders
  • At least one founder with education/ work experience in the US
  • Businesses targeting the US market
  • Willingness and ability for the sales and marketing focused founder to remain in the US post-accelerator
  • Businesses seeking to establish India-US

Interested start-ups are requested to send their pitch decks to