Healthy Secrets To Startup Success

July 10, 2018 3526 Views 0

Going to the Gym has rarely worked for me for couple of reasons – one being that they are more often boring (especially cardio where you run aimlessly forever without actually reaching anywhere and the other one being that there are always competing priorities (read excuses) that eat up in to your gym time. So I try to make exercising either part of my daily routine or fun. And I try to do it both. I cycle to work (about 10 – 12 km daily) about 3 times a week and play squash for about 3 times a week – which takes care of cardio and makes it lot more fun as well. I have recently started hitting the gym for 30 – 40 min x 3 to 4 times a week for weight training – which isn’t too boring as cardio. Overall, any form of exercising not only helps me to be physically healthy, but also helps in “switch off” for some time from the daily stress of running a business. This gives me & my brains the required break and allows me to focus better at work. Finally, I personally feel, playing a sport is one of the best forms of exercise. It not only adds the fun factor but also makes you lot more competitive, objective & decisive – which are all important factors in being a successful entrepreneur. – Ashish Mehta- Sokrati



I read somewhere that the health of the organization is a reflection of the health of the CEO. I live by this and take my health very seriously. I enjoy doing various physical activities and am usually hooked onto one physical activity or another. Mainly, I’m into some competitive tennis play three times a week and go to the gym thrice a week. I usually try to alternate between these two. My wife plays a large part in motivating and pushing me to lead a healthier life. Whenever I get the time, I go for a run. Even while I’m travelling, I try to incorporate exercise as much as I can, maybe go for a trek or some other adventurous activity. At the end, a healthy body gives you a healthy mind which is the basis of your work life. For me, playing a sport is one of the best forms of exercises and teaches you a lot of things in your professional life as well. Playing a sport helps you inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship into an organisation. This really helps in the kind of competitive environment we live in. I teach the same principles to my team as well- If you’ll think well, you’ll do well and no matter what life throws at you, you have to keep your chin up and face all the losses and gains with equal aplomb. – Harmeet Bindra- Leixir