SaaS / Enterprise Solution

Akash and Chakradhar help property owners maximize asset utilization and enhance customer experience!

Singularity Automation is a cloud-based IoT platform that helps property owners in the shared living, working and hospitality space to manage their properties more efficiently. The platform provides access to a state-of-the-art dashboard that allows tenants to check in and check out without a key, ensures timely collection of rent and utility bills, detects unauthorized renting and property misuse, and provides insights on the utilization of supported equipment.

Today, Singularity is India’s leading enterprise IoT platform that helps companies achieve unparalleled operational efficiency through the effective use of IoT.

Akash Goel
Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder and CEO with half a decade experience in developing IoT products. IIT Kharagpur Alumni and takes care of product development and strategy.
Chakradhar Reddy
Co Founder and CTO with experience in Samsung health care. IIT Kharagpur Alumni and takes care of backend and app development at singularity automation


State of the Art Tech
With the rise of new-gen budget hotels, student living, coliving and coworking spaces, the industry is getting organized rapidly and Singularity's IOT platform provides greater efficiency, centralized control and visibility for improving the bottom line of property owners and seamless end customer experience.


Advanced Data Analytics
Provides the underlying platform that allows property owners to run analytics and even payments significantly reducing their time for property management and cost of operations.