Value Addition

Apart from deploying capital, IvyCap adds significant strategic inputs to portfolio companies. Post the investment, multiple layers of engagement are built with the portfolio company with the objective of proactively communicating with and guiding our portfolio companies

  • An IvyCap representative takes up the Board Seat in the portfolio company and is the point person for the company
  • The Fund management team commits time and resources for monitoring performance and helping in execution of business plans. This is done in the way of weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly review of the performance of all portfolio entities
  • Assigned Mentors: IvyCap has created a Board of Mentors comprising highly qualified, experienced professionals coming from diverse industries. Two mentors from this pool are assigned to each portfolio entity who actively work with the investee companies in strategy, business development and operations. The mentors have all committed a minimum time every month which they dedicate to their assigned companies
  • Mentor Pool: Apart from the two assigned mentors, the investee companies can reach out to the broader mentor pool for any specific / specialised assistance. Functional expert groups from within this pool are being formalised to further streamline this process

IvyCap and its vast ecosystem engages with the investee companies through these layers to guide and assist the companies in the following areas:

  • Provide strategic advice and execution support for implementing business plans
  • Utilize vast network of contacts for business development; tapping into the global IIT / IIM Alumni network for the same
  • Improve corporate governance practices and financial discipline
  • Provide access to talent through our referral network for running key senior level positions such as CEO, CFO, COO, CTO etc.
  • Provide guidance on M&A and various other growth alternatives, assist in identifying, valuing and executing add-on acquisitions
  • Assist in IPO preparation
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