What we do:

Our IvyCamp team collectively brings an investment background, experience of working in tech organizations in India and the US, strong ties to the alumni community, startup expertise, and a passion to help create value in our startup ecosystem. We leverage the Global Alumni Ecosystems to power our startup engagement platform for entrepreneurs, startups, mentors, investors, funds, governments, institutions, accelerators, incubators, financial institutions. We identify partners for you to work together to build, test, market, and fund, high potential teams and solutions.

Angel Fund:

The Angel Fund intends to strengthen the startup ecosystem by providing access to early stage financing, a high quality mentor network and access to global markets. The aim of the fund is to participate in the cycle of value creation early on and nurture innovative businesses that are addressing large product market gaps and are founded by strong and experienced teams.

The IIT Alumni network spread across the world and engagements with the leading educational institutes in India and abroad ensures a high-quality deal flow which receives focused mentoring by our team of advisors from all over the world. This gives strategic value addition from our existing portfolio companies.