Who We Are

We are one of the leading homegrown venture capital fund management companies in the country, managing INR 1,500 crore across three funds. We believe in leveraging global alumni ecosystems to build technology-driven innovative companies. Comprising of leaders from various fields around the world, the IIT/IIM alumni network helps us to source deals, tap on entrepreneurial talent, provide mentoring, resourcing, business connections and expertise to add value to our portfolio.

We invest capital in early to growth-stage companies, with highly scalable and innovative business models with the potential of becoming leaders and disrupters in their industries. Since inception, we have been working with a sector-agnostic approach with a special focus on DeepTech, ConsumerTech, FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, SaaS, AgriTech.

Leveraging the Alumni Ecosystem:

First-of-its-kind mentor network: Our core philosophy lies in value creation through capital and expertise. To facilitate the same, the mentor pool constitutes a diverse pool of mentors, comprising of alumni who are leaders in various fields. Our exceptionally experienced pool of 65+ mentors is instrumental in providing dynamic tutoring to help the portfolio companies in execution and scale- up. Apart from having access to this mentor pool, each portfolio company is assigned two mentors who actively work with them in Strategy, Coaching, Capacity Building, and provide domain expertise for Business Development and Operations. We believe that the value created by this unique mentor network is immense and is amongst the key differentiators of the fund.

We have a differentiated deal flow through alumni, mentor team, and bottom-up industry connections. We also enjoy direct support from IIT and IIM graduates globally. The alumni network serves as a pool that we tap into for talent acquisition, expertise, business connections for the portfolio companies. The network also serves as a source of referred and proprietary deal flow. Here, it must be mentioned that the majority of our deals in Fund I and 2 have come through the IIT and IIM alumni ecosystem.

How are we different?

Alumni Network - With more than 65 efficient mentors including founders and executives from top leadership management, we have direct support from over 5000 IT and IIM graduates globally. This efficient system help in streamlining the entire value chain of investment by giving an edge in deal sourcing, talent acquisition, mentorship, extending support for exits, and accessing top quality experts from both domestic and international network.

Mentor Program - Our mentor program helps in providing active support for scaling up the process. It is interesting to note that approximately 54% of top 500 Indian companies have at least one graduate from prestigious IIM or IIT on their board. As an integral part of the process, our portfolio companies get an advantage of dynamic and versatile guidance for execution and scaling-up the processes of strategy, coaching, capacity building, domain expertise, recruitment, and go-to-market.

IvyCamp - The platform has the added advantage of serving as a marketplace for all the relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem. The interactive platform involves active engagement among more than 3000 startups, 500 mentors, and 30 connected accelerators, thereby helping in active decision making.

High-Quality Governance Structure - Esteemed personalities from reputed companies and financial institutions assuming significant positions in the organisation help in providing a professional and expert outlook to our deliverables.

Robust and transparent system - We have ensured that there is a completely transparent system so that there is no discrepancy. The investor app and the other allied technology platforms are always updated to allow the dissemination of timely and accurate information to one and all.

Investment Philosophy

We are a fund management company that has built an ecosystem around the global alumni of India's leading technology and business institutes. The alumni ecosystem includes 500,000 pioneers in various fields around the world. The funds leverage the global alumni network to source deal flow, tap on entrepreneurial talent, provide mentoring, resourcing, business connections, and expertise to add value to the portfolio.

Guided by a visionary-driven approach, we aim to invest capital in early to growth- stage companies. These enterprises are exceptionally versatile with highly scalable and innovative business models meant for building leaders or disrupters in their industries. Research suggests that entrepreneurs with high-quality educational backgrounds have had a very high degree of success rate and are leaders in building ventures globally.

We look for businesses that create impact. The primary objective of the asset is to provide better returns to its investors. Likewise, we also promote our portfolio companies to adopt and progress on Sustainable Development Goals. The SDG framework comprises 17 social goals (set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly) that are inter-dependent and intended to be achieved by the year 2030. Read More …

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